High APM crypto-hacking action

Enter the CYBERVERSE and become the best crypto-hacker with lightning fast multitasking action. Tap, swipe, hold, aim, and solve your way through a wide variety of modules to become the lord of the cyberverse. Don’t let the modules stack up too high or prepare for an overflow!

  • - Four coins to conquer each with multiple levels
  • - Over 20 unique ultra-tactile modules to unlock
  • - Customize your hacking rig with upgrades as you progress
  • - Endless mode with high score to prove your hacking dominance
  • - Full premium game experience - no ads, nags, or paywalls. Works offline.

HackStack is built from the ground up for mobile and challenges what a mobile game can be. It uses haptics to create a hyper-tactile and responsive experience. On top of that, multitouch enables a whole new level of intense multitasking.

Do you have what it takes to conquer the cyberverse? Only one way to find out.

Available now for free on iOS!

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